Star Realms
Conquer the galaxy! Create your own star empire! Build your star fleet, protect your estate and expand the reach of your empire! Star Realms combines the fun of deckbuilding games with the interactive gameplay of classic collectible card games. You can buy ships and bases from the trade row, to improve your deck every turn and bring the authority of your enemies to zero! The base game includes 128 thematically illustrated cards for 2 players. Expansions or mutiple base games can enhance the player count, or give you new cards to explore. A plethora of options to expand your game, is keeping it fresh and exciting.
Designers:Robert Dougherty, Darwin Kastle
Artists:Vito Gesualdi
Publishers:White Wizard Games
About the game

Star Realms is the award-winning, SciFi-deckbuilding game by the „Magic hall of fame members“ Darwin Kastle und Rob Dougherty.

  • 2 players
  • 12+ years
  • 20 minutes
  • Colony Wars:
    A new stand-alone/ base game expansion, doubles the content of the classic base game. (128 cards)
  • Crisis:
    Bases & Battleships, Events, Fleets & Fortresses and Heroes. (Booster-Packs 12 cards, each)
  • Gambit und Cosmic Gambit:
    Gambit cards are implementing all new effects into the game. (20 and 15 cards)