In 1888 Bertha Benz, the wife of the carmaker Carl Benz, made the first overland journey in an automobile from Mannheim to Pforzheim and back. On the way she runs out of petrol, so that the appropriate chemicals have to be procured. In this way, the „Stadtapotheke in Wiesloch“ becomes the world's first filling station. Just 40 years later, a dense road network was already running through Germany. The gasoline engine has become the preferred choice over electric and steam engines. Automobiles are mass-produced on the assembly line and the manufacturers set out to produce a low-cost small car that broad sections of the population can afford.
Designers:Matthias Cramer
Artists:Harald Lieske
Development:Henning Kröpke, Uli Blennemann (Spielworxx)
Publishers:Blackfire Games
About the game

In Kraftwagen, the players advance automobile construction. They do research to constantly develop and produce improved vehicles and engines. The aim is to satisfy the demanding preferences of potential buyers at the best possible prices. In early Grand Prix races the players collect prize money for their young car brands.

Whoever has the most money after three rounds wins the game and will in be called in the same breath as Daimler, Benz and Opel!

Kraftwagen is Matthias Cramers 9th boardgame.
In 2012, his game “Lancaster” won the dutch game oft he year award.
“Rokoko” was nominated for the german „Kennerspiel des Jahres“ award in 2013.

  • 3-4 players
  • 10+ years
  • 75 minutes
Game content
  • 1 game board
  • 2 rulebooks (DE/EN)
  • 4 player tableaus
  • 41 car body tiles
  • 39 engine tiles
  • 8 „buyer“ tiles
  • 50 research cards
  • 9 engineer tiles
  • 56 price tiles
  • 10 action tiles
  • 56 workers
  • 4 cars
  • 1 marker tile
  • 4 starting tiles
  • 10 award tiles