You were young when you learned the truth about the world. You have always regarded your society as a utopia - the term "dystopia" was neither in your vocabulary nor in your dictionary. When you learned the truth, you had the choice - either to disappear or to make a name for yourself in this world. You decided to stay. This was a few years ago. Now you are wondering if you made the right decision. However, you are too far advanced to look back. Meanwhile you are on the verge of creating something "big" and taking control away from the oppressors. You have hired two workers and you have access to more. Thanks to your loyalty to different factions, you have been able to recruit experts to help you with your master plan. You are ready to take the next step.
Designers:Jamey Stegmaier und Alan Stone
Artists:Jacqui Davis
Publishers:Stonemaier Games
About the game

In Euphoria, special dice represent workers. The “number of eyes” of a cube determines the knowledge of the worker, which is compared throughout the game with the knowledge of the other players’ workers. The deeper a player sends his workers into town and the more workers he recruits, the more he will learn about the strange society. However, if the workers learn too much, they may break away from the player.

Each player also has a pair of elite recruits available: One has praised the player’s loyalty, the other has yet to be convinced. A player can inspire and use this reserved recruit by reaching certain milestones in the game…or by other players unknowingly reaching these milestones for him.

Euphoria ends when a player has placed all 10 of his Authority Stones. This player is the winner.

  • 2-6 players
  • 13+ years
  • 60 minutes