Cthulhu Realms
Cthulhu Realms belongs to the very popular genre of deckbuilding games. As the name suggests, players "build" their own deck of cards from better and better cards during the course of a game. Cthulhu Realms is based on the fast-paced engine of Star Realms, but literally has a "deeper" game mechanism. Every player tries to drive his fellow players crazy with his cards! Cards are either people, places or artifacts - but they interact with each other in a catchy way and give the players powerful advantages. The artwork is, typical for Cthulhu, "Horror with a Wink" - after all, it's all about not losing your mind! Cthulhu Realms isn't just for the Lovecraft fans, but can be enjoyed by all people, who enjoy fast and interesting card games.
Designer:Darwin Kastle
Publisher:White Wizard Games and Blackfire Games
About the game

A deckbuilding-game from Darwin Kastle, the designer of Star Realms.
Cthulhu Realms gets 2-4 players deep into the universe of H.P. Lovercraft, a world full of madness!

  • 2 players
  • 12+ years
  • 25 minutes
Game content
  • 1 rulessheet
  • 4 player tableaus
  • 108 cards