The Convertibles are a unique kind of deck box because of their fully removable cover. It allows free access to your cards, fun way of displaying and still providing a super safe closure of the box. These elegant and practical Deck Boxes are available in 5 different colours with a choice of either a horizontal or vertical layout to suit your preference. Interchangeable Designs: The Convertible Series is designed to give you hundreds of possibilities. You can interchange every element in the series, creating a box of your choice. Highly Flexible: Convertible Deck Boxes are an excellent way to present your decks at the gaming table. Use the Dual Box or combine each card compartment with covers from single boxes to maximize your storage flexibility. Color Options: The first wave of the Convertible Series comes in 5 different colors and an elegant fabric material. This assortment will be expanded in color line and material types.
Tech infos
  • 100+ or 200+ cards
  • Completely removable folded cover
  • Very strong magnets for safe closure
  • Soft microfiber inside, elegant outside material
  • Vertikal 100+
  • Horizontal 100+
  • Dual 200+
  • Red
  • Green
  • Black
  • White
  • Blue